karamelliserad physalis

Muffins. En tristessdödare.

Idag hade vi ett planerat strömavbrott inbokat mellan 8-12 och mitt största problem blev helt pötsligt ”vad ska jag hitta på under den tiden?”. Snabbt som attans vispade jag ihop smet till muffins. Vanliga, vita utan några som helst konstigheter. Planen var bara att ha dom till dom redan karamelliserade ”fyllisarna” (physalis) som bara låg och drällde. Muffinsen är spritsade med chokladgrädde och på toppen har en liten orange goding fått ta plats.

Physalis är något som jag kan äta i princip hur många som helst. Jag tycker det är SÅ gott! Nu är de pimpade med karamell och sedan doppade i fint hackade valnötter. Det blev fantastiskt gott men tyvärr begränsar det intaget. Med det sockriga är jag rökt redan efter en. Min mage klarar inte av det och jag dumpar på nolltid. Någon som inte är magsäcksopererad klarar nog av att smäcka i sig ett gäng utan att må alltför dåligt.

Strömmen fick vi behålla så stressa var inte ens nödvändigt. Jag gissar att det är ovädret som drog över oss igår som är boven i dramat. Vattenfall fick nog annat att prioritera, även om vi här i byn inte drabbades nämnvärt, och vårt planerade strömavbrott är skjutet på framtiden. Mig spelar det egentligen ingen roll.


karamelliserade physalis


  1. Hanna skriver:

    låter gott.
    Ha en fin kväll.

    • Jerry skriver:

      All of your prices are wrong. If you look at the circular provided in stores and on wamrcmt.aol, the prices are different and higher than what is posted here and other Black Friday sites.

    • I was waiting for the allowance that I pay my son weekly to finally pan out!He’s been really good with money when he was younger (actually I think his mom curbed his spending habit a bit grrr), but now she’s letting him go. I finally brainw erh convinced her to let him learn. Trial and error, and experience is always better than hypothetical book examples.

    • I think the dress is perfect, the circle doesn't show too much! and the silhouette is wonderful. I love the scarab necklace as well, so funky!I don't ever remember a betrayal, just an eventual realization.

    • I have a HUGE love/hate relationship with Cage. He lives a duel cinema life, the one Cage stars in mediocre (at best) summer blockbusters, then his other side stars in some fine films where he gives utterly rich performances. Excellent post!

    • Jules Verne wrote “From Earth To The Moon” where they use an enormous cannon (dug into the earth) to blast a ship to the Moon- what is interesting is that in the novel Verne has Florida and Texas competing to be the chosen location, something that actually happened decades later. An engineer told me that in something called “Project Orion” scientists developed a plan to use water hydraulics to absorb the powerful g-forces when they launched their projected spacecraft- a craft propelled through space using nuclear explosion shock waves.

    • El tiempo se acorta y es necesario que nos arrepintamos de corazón y confiemos únicamente en Cristo Jesús..!! Ya que miles de personas están siendo engañadas y no quieren escuchar el verdadero evangelio.!

    • http://www./ skriver:

      Pior que é verdade!!!Que inclusão é essa que estão falando por aí e nem um terço das coisas que foram ditas aqui facilitam a vida do deficiente auditivo.Quanta ignorância!!!!Está na hora de começarmos ironizar as pessoas, quem sabe acordemos-as?Milhões de bençãos a todos os deficientes auditivos.beijos.

  2. Lisa skriver:

    Snygga bilder!

  3. Tessie skriver:

    Wanted to drop a remark and let you know your Rss feed isnt working today. I tried innuidlcg it to my Google reader account and got nothing.

  4. http://www./ skriver:

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  8. http://www./ skriver:

    nothing about an opinion of "natural born citizen", that supported Obama's. If he had that opinion when he filed the complaint, there would have been no reason to file it. If he has recently changed his opinion, then the intimidation should have been mentioned. Let's hope Kobach, Schmidt, and Coyler, are more resistant to intimidation. I hope they have good security people, they may need them.

  9. ‘no surprise’ has it. Women as doers and action figures – not necessarily this movie – is what girls should be exposed to. They get enough of the shopping princess nonsense. I want to see a Lara Croft themed nursery for little girls – from educated & smart to adventurous & strong with some femininity thrown in the mix. Oh, and throw in a Gerard Butler while you’re at it.

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