Etikett: marmelade

  • KIWI & LIME.

    Kiwi och lime skulle visa sig vara väldigt gott tillsammans. Här är en sylt/marmelad som passar ypperligt till ostbrickan. Den är söt men har en tydlig smak av den syrliga limen. Super!


    Ok, lets do this in english. I’ve been thinking about this for quite some time. My english is terrible and I’m actually afraid to write in english.  I have developed some kind of phobia. Childish. Ridiculous. Tiresome. I know! But hey, fear is to be overcome.

    Kiwi and lime would prove to be very good together. This is a jam/marmalade which is perfect with cheese. It´s sweet but has a distinct flavor of the tangy lime. Amazing!

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